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When the Demon King was reincarnated again, the "Mouth of Sauron" was born!

In a world where imagination knows no bounds and the forces of good and evil clash in an epic battle for the very soul of Middle-earth, there exists a cinematic masterpiece that has stood the test of time—a story so vast, so enchanting, it has captured the hearts of generations. Welcome to the enchanting realm of "The Lord of the Rings."




Prepare to be transported to a world where the bonds of friendship are unbreakable, where courage is tested, and where the destiny of an entire world hangs in the balance. "The Lord of the Rings" is more than a movie—it is a timeless legend, an epic adventure, and a celebration of the enduring power of storytelling. Welcome to Middle-earth, where the journey begins and the legend lives on.

Amidst the desolation of Mordor, where the very air seemed to carry a malevolent weight, a figure emerged from the shadows. He was clad in robes of deepest black, so dark that they seemed to absorb what little light remained in the land. His presence sent shivers down the spines of those who beheld him, and his very essence seemed to radiate an aura of foreboding.


These people lived in Middle-earth when Sauron was in power. They worshiped the Demon King in exchange for evil knowledge. When the Demon King was reincarnated again, he entered the Black Tower to serve Sauron. Because of his cunning and intelligence, he became more and more trusted by the devil, and his status became higher and higher. He learned very powerful witchcraft, and he also understood Sauron's thoughts very well, and he was more cruel than any orcs.

As he approached, the land seemed to recoil, as if unwilling to bear the weight of his footsteps. His face, or what could be seen of it beneath the hood that obscured his features, was pale and twisted, bearing the marks of malevolence and cruelty. His eyes gleamed like two points of fiery red, burning with an unsettling, otherworldly intensity.

This was the Mouth of Sauron, the chief emissary of the Dark Lord himself. He was a master of deception and manipulation, a harbinger of doom who spoke with the authority of the Dark Lord. In his hand, he held a staff, crowned with a symbol that struck fear into the hearts of all who saw it – the Eye of Sauron, an emblem of the all-seeing, all-knowing power that lay at the heart of Mordor.


This introduction sets a dark and ominous tone, emphasizing the character's appearance, aura, and his role as the chief emissary of Sauron. It also hints at the immense power and malevolence that he represents, creating a sense of foreboding and dread.

These locations, both real and enhanced with the magic of filmmaking, contribute to the grandeur and immersive world-building of The Lord of the Rings movies, making them some of the most impressive and memorable settings in cinematic history.


Not only that, we can also learn a lot about the characters’ stories and their characteristics through this movie. In real life, some of us will also record them and imitate them in our own way, in an imperfect world. In this world, how does everyone choose their own life? If your inner voice repeatedly tempts you to obey your desires and choose to fall. How should you choose?

All in all, not only about "The Mouth of Sauron" written in this blog but also the characters in other movies, I think they are all worth recommending to everyone. We can join this magical world of Middle-earth together. We try to understand every role they play! Through our way of recording all this, there is no need to explain too much about the wonderful movie The Lord of the Rings. This is a particularly great and high-quality movie!


So in order to record this cold-blooded character in the movie, designer: MartinDesign designed MOC-139487 Black Skull Home Decor. This cool character's iconic helmet and sinister smile are just like the Mouth of Sauron from the movie. It wore a black helmet, with only the corners of its mouth exposed. The dimensions of this MOC-139487 black skull home decoration are: 24×14×33.5 CM. After the construction is completed, you can find that it looks as cool and powerful as in the movie!

Owning this special MOC not only records the role of the movie, but also means that we can also use it to make up our own stories and become an overlord of Middle-earth, cruel and ruthless, and admired by thousands of people.


We can understand some details of the front and side of this MOC through the pictures. The most memorable thing about this character in the movie is the particularly eye-catching teeth under the black helmet that only exposes the mouth. Deformed and terrifying! The detailed creation of this series of MOC makes me feel that it brings us to this fierce and cold character. Of course, some friends joked about it, and I thought, "It must like smoking very much." Therefore, this has also become another promotional angle for this movie and character.

If you are interested in purchasing the MOC-139487 Black Skull Home Decor, you can do so on the Godbricks website. Both the quality of the bricks and the service are very good. Through these, I can feel the creator's intentions. He gave us a very powerful character whose aura can be felt just through the helmet decoration.

In addition, they also have many MOC and other creations with stories. All in all, this is a very cost-effective and considerate store. He was able to provide us with many options and let us order right away through Godbricks and choose one of our own. Make your own gifts and leave your needs up to them!



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