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What should you prepare for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving originated in the United States in the early 17th century and is often associated with the Pilgrims who arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts aboard the Mayflower in 1620. The history of Thanksgiving is intertwined with the story of the Pilgrims and their interactions with the indigenous Wampanoag people. The famous Mayflower ship arrived in the Americas full of Puritans who could not endure the religious persecution in England. They were starving and cold, and half of them died. At this time, the kind-hearted Indians brought daily necessities to the immigrants, and also sent people to teach them how to hunt, fish, and grow corn and pumpkins. The immigrants established a day to thank God in accordance with religious traditions and customs, and decided to invite the Indians to celebrate the festival to thank the Indians for their sincere help.

 Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It is an original holiday created by the American people and a holiday for American families to get together. For us, this is definitely one of the most important public holidays of the year, and it also allows us to welcome the coming "Black Friday" second only to Christmas and New Year in importance. On this day, costume parades, theatrical performances and sports competitions will be held in different cities. Schools and shopping malls will also be on holiday. People will go to churches to pray thanksgiving and share turkeys together according to custom.


So how does everyone celebrate Thanksgiving? As today's society continues to develop, our favorite Thanksgiving has more romantic plots. It is a holiday centered around expressing gratitude for friends and family and spending time with them. At this time, we will start all preparations in advance. Plans, for this major festival once a year, I have also made many plans to share with you.

 The most unforgettable and recommended place for me is New York City, a paradise of food and culture, which is even more lively during Thanksgiving. If you come to New York, don’t miss the most famous Thanksgiving event – the world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Additionally, you can head to Rockefeller Center to watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and visit the skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty.

Rows of giant balloons for the parade lined up in Central Park on Thanksgiving Eve. They prepare for Thanksgiving the next day. They are usually inflated before night so everyone can take photos.

 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Now that you are here, you must have felt the atmosphere of the scene. Remember to go early. The later you arrive, the more people there will be. If you get there early, you can get a front-row seat in the center area or make a reservation for the Thanksgiving Parade brunch. It’s best to ask the store to reserve seats along Sixth Avenue, where the viewing angle is good, and of course you can watch the live broadcast on TV.


This year's Thanksgiving is November 23, and New York will hold the 97th Thanksgiving Day Parade to celebrate. According to reports, this year there will be 16 cos balloons, 26 floats, 32 novelty balloons, more than 700 NPCs, 12 marching bands and 9 performance teams. This year’s Thanksgiving Day parade lineup can be said to be quite luxurious, and it is half an hour longer than in previous years. If you have the chance, don’t miss this parade full of passion and cheer!

 Of course, there are also essential delicacies and turkey today. First of all, I will prepare to buy some table decorations in advance. I personally like the narrow and long plate2 strips. They can be made wider side by side or stretched to make them longer. I will Real pumpkins, real persimmons, fruits are placed on the table, and some candles and LED lights are placed to emphasize the romantic atmosphere. I will also buy new ceramic plates including the plates used for the party.


Regarding food choices, be sure to buy a few boxes of oranges and lemons. Drinks must be freshly squeezed juice. Squeezing orange juice is the easiest and lemonade is the most popular. Comes with a beautiful sugar bowl with white sugar, brown sugar cubes and a whole earth. 0 calorie brown sugar tastes the best, along with honey! And champagne! Of course, today’s must-have has to be our favorite turkey and pumpkin pie. In the supermarket they already have these ready for us. I would choose the freshest turkey and the best pumpkin. , let’s start this carnival when everything is ready! Enjoying a long-prepared meal with my family, the perfection of it all makes my appetite whet my appetite, but the thought of the many bowls to clean after the party is over. . . . . Hahaha

 Our favorite and most popular Black Friday shopping day is of course the day after Thanksgiving, which is usually the fourth Thursday in November. This is usually considered the start of the Christmas shopping season. The day is known for long lines, crowded stores and eager bargain hunters looking for great deals on electronics, clothing, toys and other merchandise. In recent years, online retailers have also participated in Black Friday sales, offering consumers digital deals. Black Friday features a variety of discounts and special promotions from in-store and online retailers. Many stores open early on Thanksgiving Day, and some stay open late, and offer deep discounts on a variety of products.


I would recommend a specialty shop that specializes in custom MOCs. Godbricks is not an ordinary MOC store. They are a super MOC store with all-round professional quality and service. They have a professional team of designers responsible for each product. The design concept and construction instructions are very detailed. There are nearly ten series in the store and currently there are hundreds of products. As far as I know, they will update a lot of Christmas series products for us to choose from. Not only based on these single products, I found that each product has many positive reviews and is loved by everyone. All products are also shipped from the factory. Truly high quality and low price, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

 They are also offering a lot of discounts during this Black Friday shopping spree. I think this must be a very good opportunity to choose a handmade and meaningful gift for family and friends. You can also choose a MOC that suits you and build it for fun and a sense of accomplishment. My favorite and recommended items in this store are the Pirate Series, Street Scene Series, Vehicles and Technology Series. I have purchased them. I tested several models. To me, the quality of these bricks is very good. Every part is designed to perfection. The instructions are also self-explanatory. I highly recommend them!


HMS Columbia was an early 19th century British 36-gun frigate. The ship's main battery was a 24x18-pounder. In addition, there were 8x9-pounder muskets and 8x12-pounder muskets on the forecastle and aft deck. There are also two cannons at the bow and two at the stern. The model comes with more details such as a ship's bell, several grilles, a lift, a skylight, a toilet, 2 anchor winches, two anchors, a jack-o'-lantern, a steering wheel and a beautiful model of a galleon. The ship also has highly detailed rigging. In addition, the ship's stern gallery is particularly eye-catching. The model consists of 4763 individual parts.

 It is a custom ship design created by designer "boeing_787_8_dreamliner" on Rebrickable. The designer's concept was to create a sleek and modern warship that could move across the oceans quickly and efficiently while also possessing impressive firepower.

Columbia's design incorporates many elements found in modern naval vessels, including a low-profile hull and a sleek, angular superstructure. The ship features multiple decks, including a main deck with turrets and a helipad.

The designers combined various components to create intricate details throughout the ship, including using angled components to create a streamlined hull, and using a variety of colors and textures to add depth and complexity to the design.

Overall, Columbia is an amazing example of what is possible with bricks, and it demonstrates the creativity and ingenuity of its designers. Its design concepts and ideas reflect a deep appreciation of naval vessels and the desire to create a vessel that is both functional and beautiful.


Hoonipigasus is a custom MOC model that has taken the LEGO community by storm. It's a unique and imaginative creation that combines the strength and speed of a pig with the mythical wings of a Pegasus to create a magical beast that's as impressive as it is fun.
Mythical beasts come to life A MOC model means it is constructed entirely of bricks and is designed to be assembled and displayed as a three-dimensional object. MOC models can be based on anything from real-life objects like cars and buildings to fictional creatures like Hoonipigasus. They range in size from small, simple designs to large, complex structures, and can be customized and modified in countless ways to reflect the builder's creativity and personal style.
Hoonipigasus is a prime example of what can be achieved with bricks and a vivid imagination. Its unique design and construction attracts the attention of LEGO enthusiasts and fans of fantasy creatures. With its meticulous functionality and innovative design, Hoonipigasus has become a beloved addition to the LEGO community and a shining example of the limitless potential of LEGO architecture.


As you enter Ninjago City, you'll find yourself standing in the heart of Japan's ancient metropolis. The city is divided into different areas, each with its own unique charm and purpose. The towering pagoda roof reaches towards the sky, its bright colors contrasting with the muted tones of the surrounding buildings.
Major landmarks dot the cityscape, grabbing your attention from every angle. The tower is majestic and symbolizes the unity and strength of the ninja world. Its intricate architecture is a testament to the builder's attention to detail and embodies the essence of Japanese craftsmanship.
In Ninja City, adventure is everywhere. Whether ziplining across the skyline or uncovering the mysteries of hidden chambers, this world invites you to unleash your imagination and embark on epic quests with legendary ninjas.

If you're ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of building MOC worlds, look no further than this best shop from Godbricks. These extraordinary creations are your key to unlocking the secrets of the MOC realm and immersing yourself in these fascinating buildings. I have reviewed the above series for you all. You can rest assured that every product will be delivered to you safely, and they will take every step of product quality inspection seriously. If you are ready, please do not hesitate to open godbricks to get MOCs that belong to you, your family, and your friends. Let's use our creativity and imagination with me!



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