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Building the Past: A Review of the Medieval Stables

About MOC-98799 Medieval Stables:

If you're a fan of LEGO and medieval history, then you'll definitely want to check out MOC-98799 Medieval Stables. This MOC is the fifth creation in a series of modular medieval fortress sets, following the Castle Tower, Castle Wall, Castle Gate, and the Barracks. However, the Medieval Stables can also stand alone as an independent building and add some historical charm to any LEGO city.

What makes this set truly unique is the attention to detail and the intricate designs both inside and outside the building. The stables are fully-equipped and decorated, with separate stalls for each horse and all the necessary equipment easily accessible. The set also includes a horse-drawn cart and a storage area on the second floor where the owner keeps his war armor.

In addition to the main building, the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables comes with a variety of smaller creations, including three tree MOCs, a wood cutter, and multiple hay stashes for the horses. The exterior of the building features wooden tiles and round shapes that perfectly capture the medieval feeling.

Introducing Medieval Stables Designers:

LegoBricking is a talented LEGO designer with a passion for building custom models. They have created numerous MOCs  that are available for purchase and building instructions on various online platforms, including Rebrickable and BrickLink. The MOC-98799 Medieval Stables is one of LegoBricking's most popular designs, showcasing their attention to detail and expertise in medieval architecture. LegoBricking's designs often feature modular designs that allow for customization and creative building, making them great additions to any LEGO collection. With a strong following and a reputation for quality builds, LegoBricking continues to inspire LEGO enthusiasts around the world.

Total: 2980 pieces
Size:  46 x 42 x 32 cm   (one 32x32 baseplate + two 16x32)    
Parts: easy to find, optimised based on the colour and price
Note: the depicted mini-figures and horses are not included in the instructions and the part-list. They are used for displaying and inspiration!

Medieval stables construction and design:

As you begin constructing the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables, you'll immediately notice the attention to detail and the thoughtful design choices made by the creator. The color scheme is consistent throughout the build, with wooden tiles and round shapes adding to the medieval aesthetic.

One of the most interesting aspects of this build is the modularity of the set. The roof can be easily removed to allow full access to the main building, increasing the play-ability of the set. The exterior stairs leading to the second floor storage area are also a nice touch and add to the overall design of the building.

As you work on the interior of the stables, you'll appreciate the small details that really bring the build to life. The separate stalls for each horse are well-designed, with all the necessary equipment easily accessible. The 2-wheel horse-drawn cart is a fun addition to the set, though it does require some repair work.

Historical background of the medieval stables:

The MOC-98799 Medieval Stables is a set that reflects a time period when horses were an essential resource for transportation, agriculture, and military purposes. The Middle Ages, which lasted from the 5th to the 15th century, were a time when horses played a central role in daily life. Knights and soldiers depended on their trusty steeds to carry them into battle, while farmers and merchants used horses to transport goods across long distances.

The design of the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables is reflective of the architecture of the Middle Ages. The set features wooden tiles and round shapes that add to its medieval aesthetic, and its modular design is reminiscent of the way buildings were constructed during that time period, with separate structures being added as needed.

Aside from their practical uses, stables also held symbolic significance in the Middle Ages. Horses were often associated with power and status, and owning a stable full of horses was a sign of wealth and prestige. As a result, stables were often grand and elaborate structures with ornate decorations and intricate designs.

Create a diorama:

Yo, with the Medieval Stables, you can build a whole medieval city! Combine it with other modular buildings, like streets, markets, and plants to create an immersive environment. And don't forget to add mini-figures, like horses, a stable owner, and a blacksmith, to bring the scene to life.

With the stables, you can reenact medieval stories and battles like jousting tournaments or market days. You can even make up your own characters and stories to make the scene more interesting. Plus, the modular design allows you to customize the building's interior and exterior, adding decorations like banners, flags, and furniture.

For some extra flair, add some lighting to highlight the architecture and create a dramatic effect. And when it comes to game features, the removable roof lets you access the interior and move the horses around, while the horse-drawn cart can be repaired and used for transport. Plus, the second floor can be used for storage or a secret hiding spot for the owner's armor.

In conclusion, the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables is a beautifully designed and historically accurate MOC set that offers a lot of possibilities for display and play. Its modular design allows for customization, and the set's accessories add to its realism and versatility. Whether you're a LEGO enthusiast or a history buff, this set is definitely worth adding to your collection.

If you're interested in purchasing the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables, it is available for purchase on the Godbricks website. Don't be afraid to get creative with your customization and landscaping, and consider combining the set with other modular buildings to create a complete medieval city.

Overall, building the MOC-98799 Medieval Stables is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that will provide hours of entertainment and display value. We highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a high-quality LEGO set that captures the essence of medieval life.



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