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Building blocks have been a favorite toy for children and adults alike for generations. From simple wooden blocks to complex LEGO sets, building blocks provide endless hours of entertainment and the ability to create anything your imagination can conceive. However, with so many different building block sets on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This is where Rebrickable comes in.

What is Rebrickable?

Rebrickable is a website that helps builders find new and exciting building block sets to create. Rebrickable provides an extensive database of building block sets and models, allowing builders to search for sets and models based on the specific building blocks they have available. This makes it easier for builders to find new sets and models that they can create without having to purchase additional building blocks.

Rebrickable also features a community of builders who share their creations with others. These creations, known as My Own Creations (MOCs), can be downloaded and built by other builders. This allows builders to share their creations with others and encourages creativity and innovation within the building block community.

Top 10 Designers and their Building Block Products

Rebrickable features a top ten list of designers on its website, highlighting their most popular and impressive building block sets. Here are a few of the top designers and their building block products.In the world of LEGO building, there are many talented MOC designers who have captured the attention of enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Keep On Bricking

Instagram: @keep_on_bricking


Taking the number one spot is “Keep On Bricking”, a LEGO enthusiast who has designed an impressive 1909 sets of MOCs. With a personal view count of 185,142+, each of their popular sets has over 1000 views. Specializing in automobile sets, their designs cover a diverse range of types, from trucks and dune buggies to sports cars and trucks. Their most popular set is the Speed Champions MOC-76895, with a red body representing unstoppable speed and passion.


2. Gabizon

Youtube: @How to build it

Coming in at number two is gabizon, with a total of 716 MOCs and a view count of 157,000+. Their focus is on fairytale architecture sets, with their most attention-grabbing set being a Chinese park model with pleasant reddish-brown, azure, green, and sand green colors that create a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Brick Artisan

Instagram: @brick_artisan19

Brick Artisan is one of the top Lego designers with 131 MOCs and a total view count of 105,300+. His most popular design is the Friends set, which perfectly replicates the realistic details from the popular TV series. Brick Artisan’s excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail make his MOCs unique and exquisite. Apart from that, he has designed many impressive macro-scale buildings.


4. reckless_glitch

Youtube: @reckless glitch

reckless_glitch grow up in the communist part of Germany, where he had limited access to Lego sets. Despite that, he was fascinated by the Lego sets. His first real Lego set classic moon 6844 seismologic vehicles . LEGO was so expensive for him back then that he read the included advertisement catalog like a comic book at night, dreaming of all the cool stuff he would never have.
In the 90s he got some more sets ending up with some 1-2000 bricks that he used over and over again to build and rebuild everything from star wars to Jules Verne (mostly in red bricks) with working gadgets of course.
Today he is a product designer and during the pandemic he got the old batman tumbler and he discovered: He can just order bricks from bricklink now and so he started MOCing, developing all the stuff he’d like to have but LEGO doesn’t sell or not the way he want it.



 Instagram: @kmpmocs

KMPMOCS is a Lego designer who specializes in everyday car series. His most popular designs are Nissan cars with different color variations that car enthusiasts love to play with. KMPMOCS focuses on automotive series, which makes them unique and easy to recognize.

6. IBrickedItUp

Youtube: @IBrickedItUp

IBrickedItUp is a Lego designer who focuses on building MOCs with real bricks to test his designs’ sturdiness and stability. He designs all kinds of vehicles, from classic cars to service vehicles, and modular buildings. He ensures that his instructions are accurate and easy to follow, making his MOCs easy for fans to build.

 7. TheBoostedBrick

TheBoostedBrick is a Lego designer who mostly designs car models, including a wide range of brands like Brick Grand National, Audi Hoonitron, Toyota GR86, BMW M3GTS, Mercedes Benz E190 EVO, Porshe 911 Pumpkin Spec, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, and more. TheBoostedBrick’s focus on car models makes his designs unique and different from other Lego designers.



 8. Kirvet

Kirvet is a Lego designer who loves to design vehicles, and she has specialized in that field. Her MOCs are unique and creative, and her designs stand out for their exceptional details.

9. DarthDesigner

Instagram: @darthdesigner

Youtube: @TheDarthDesigner

DarthDesigner is a unique Lego designer who designs MOCs around military themes. His designs include tanks, battleships, and planes that replicate real-life machines. DarthDesigner’s attention to detail and balance between functionality and structure make his designs unique and exquisite.

He make faithful reproduction in scale of existing machines and his own creations too, sometimes. He always try to include as many details as possible but also keep a balance between the amount of the details and a good structure/functionality (trying to make them cheaper when possible), The main subjects are MILITARY, Sci-Fi, SPACE, Star Wars, Halo, and more!

You can see all of them BUILT on his Xmas Special Videos present on YouTube that he make every year with the photos !

On the YT channel, you can also find FREE video instructions!

10. Ransom_Fern

Ransom_Fern is a designer with a unique approach to Lego design. He designs with different elements, including Iran Man Mark, Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster, His designs are unique and fun, making his MOCs stand out.

These designers’ works are undoubtedly the highlights of LEGO building, showcasing their creativity and technical skills while providing endless inspiration for LEGO enthusiasts. If you have yet to explore the works of MOC designers, these ten designers' creations are certainly worth checking out. 

Finding and Downloading Instructions for MOCs

Rebrickable also provides a platform for builders to share their own creations, known as My Own Creations (MOCs). Here’s how to find and download instructions for MOCs on Rebrickable:

Step 1: Navigate to the Rebrickable homepage and click on the “MOCs” tab in the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Browse through the various categories of MOCs, such as “Most Popular,” “Newest,” or “Highest Rated.” You can also use the search bar to search for a specific MOC by name or keyword.

Step 3: Once you find a MOC that interests you, click on the thumbnail to view more details about the MOC, including the designer, the number of pieces required to build the MOC, and any special features or instructions.

Step 4: If you decide to build the MOC, click on the “Instructions”tab to access the instructions for building the MOC. The instructions may be available for free, or the designer may charge a fee to access the instructions. If the instructions are available for free, you can download them in PDF format.

Step 5: If you need help finding the specific building blocks required for the MOC, click on the “Parts List” tab to view a list of all the required building blocks. You can then use this list to search for the building blocks in your own collection or purchase any missing building blocks from a retailer.

Step 6: Once you have all the required building blocks, follow the instructions to build the MOC. You can then share photos of your completed MOC on Rebrickable or social media to show off your creation to the building block community.

In summary, Rebrickable is a fantastic resource for building block enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next creation or want to share your own MOCs with others, Rebrickable provides a platform for builders to connect and create. With its extensive database of building block sets and models, as well as a community of passionate builders, Rebrickable is the ultimate resource for all your building block needs.



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