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Notre Dame de Paris - the secrets and humanity behind it

Notre Dame de Paris is a building, a church, a novel, a story, a play, love and hate, love and hatred, deceit and deceit, beauty and ugliness, these are all revealed in Hugo's writings The story of "Notre Dame de Paris" in France in the 15th century.

Notre Dame is actually a church, technically a Catholic church. It is located in the center of Paris, on an island in the Seine River. The name of the island is "Ile de la Cité". Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most glorious buildings. It is a Gothic building integrating religion, culture, architecture, humanities, history and tourism. Unfortunately, the iconic spire was destroyed by fire. This is human culture. A disaster.


It has three arched zigzag doors on the front. Each arch is made of stone and beautifully carved with religious stories. The central arch depicts the "Last Judgment" of Jesus in heaven, the right arch depicts the Baptism of Louis VII, and the left arch depicts the Passion of the Virgin. The door is made of copper and is very heavy. The "thick" here often emphasizes the importance of this door in history. Religion and history shuttle between the two doors, and the footsteps of time leave footprints under the door.

Above the arch is the King's Gallery, which displays the statues of 28 kings from the Old Testament period. The names of these 28 kings. These statues are located in the middle of the image below. Note that the round window above the King's Gallery is not a clock. This is a stained glass window about 10 meters in diameter. Visitors call it the "Rose Glass Window." This stained glass window tells a biblical story, with the Virgin in the center holding the Child in her hands, ministered by two angels on either side.


Looking from the outside of the church, there is no way to see the brilliant colors of the rose glass windows. When you walk inside the church and look at the glass windows, you will be shocked by the colorful and various shapes of light stained by the glass. "

Looking at the "rose glass window" from the inside, the sunlight shines through the stained glass like strands of starlight, shining inside the church. Through others' explanation: different colors of glass have different symbols, green symbolizes life, red symbolizes blood, yellow symbolizes wealth, and blue symbolizes faith.

I absolutely love the colorful windows in the photo below, each square is a beautiful biblical story.

The silhouette of the Virgin statue in front of the colorful window adds a touch of sanctity to this photo.


Notre Dame de Paris was built on the order of Louis VII in 1160. The foundation was the ruins of a local Roman-era church. In 1163, the two bell towers were completed. After the bell tower was completed, it became a wonder of the time. The French writer Victor Hugo used this cathedral as a prototype for his novel "Notre Dame de Paris" in 1345. Because the main body of Notre Dame de Paris is built of stone, Hugo described the Notre Dame Cathedral as a "symphony of stone" in "Notre Dame de Paris". Many people are familiar with this novel.

In Hugo's book, the church is portrayed as a place of hypocrisy and deceit, with shocking power struggles and intrigues. The ugly face of this society reminds me that we should stick to our inner integrity and kindness and not be tempted and corrupted by the outside world.

The story of this novel takes place in Notre Dame de Paris in the 15th century. The protagonist Quasimodo is a bell tower worker at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He is ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Claude, the deputy bishop of Notre Dame de Paris, is sanctimonious, loves first and then hates, and persecutes the gypsy girl Esmeralda. Quasimodo sacrifices his life to save the girl.

The author uses Quasimodo, an ugly but kind-hearted deformed character, as an example to explore the contradiction between appearance and heart, good and evil. The work satirizes the decadence and depravity of the church at that time in a spicy way, while also praising the power of love and the beauty of human nature.


This novel is rich in ideological content and involves eternal themes such as love and religion, good and evil, appearance and heart. Hugo used gorgeous words and philosophical thinking to push a seemingly simple love story to the height of thought, which had a profound impact. This is also the reason why this work has become the pinnacle of world literature and is loved by countless readers.

"Notre Dame de Paris" is a masterpiece integrating thought, art and life. With Notre Dame de Paris as the background, it tells the story of an ugly bell tower worker's persistent pursuit of love and life, expressing the author's praise of the beauty of human nature. . This novel is a microcosm of Europe during the Renaissance, taking us to appreciate the style of Paris in the 15th century and experience the customs and customs of the Middle Ages. This is a must-read book in the world, an ideological journey about love and religion, which is worthy of our careful reading and appreciation.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, at around 6:50 pm on April 15, 2019, local time, and the entire building was seriously damaged. A fire broke out on top of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The fire quickly engulfed the spire of the Notre Dame tower. Soon the spire fell down as if broken in two. When the fire broke out, people spontaneously sang elegy and knelt down to pray in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. Church bells across France rang to pray for Notre Dame. Fortunately, firefighters rescued many important artifacts from the fire.


After this major accident, people understood that the cultural loss caused by the Notre Dame disaster cannot be measured in terms of money. As an architectural art that still exists safely in the world, we must also sound the alarm. Because the artistic value brought by these buildings is an important manifestation of the culture of one era after another.

Most of the greatest buildings are the product of societies rather than individuals. Rather than saying that they are the creations of genius, it is better to say that they are the artistic crystallization of working people. They are national treasures accumulated over thousands of years and the residue left by the continuous sublimation of talents in human society. Simply put, they are a type of rock formation. The waves of every age have added alluvial soil to them, and every generation has laid its own layer of earth on this massive structure, and so have humans. ——Hugo

Later, in order to commemorate its appearance, people also came up with many ways to record it, in movies - in books - in art - models of Notre Dame de Paris and so on.


Today I want to talk about them in particular: godbricks. They are a company that specializes in creating MOC. Through getting to know them, I saw an amazing MOC. I think they fully understand the meaning of this art construction. Through them, we understand that Notre Dame de Paris is a typical representative of Gothic architecture and an epoch-making milestone in the history of European architecture. Notre Dame Cathedral has a unique exterior style and structure and looks very majestic. Notre Dame de Paris is a stone building that has been described as a symphony of top-notch monoliths in the history of world architecture. Although it is a religious building, it sparkles with the wisdom of the French people and embodies the pursuit and yearning for a better life.

In order to commemorate this amazing architectural art, they launched this Notre Dame de Paris Gothic architecture MOC. First of all, we can know from the appearance that it is very grand and has amazing restoration. Every detail is restored to exactly the same as before the fire. They have the perfect modular building dimensions! ! ! Perfectly true to scale, it follows the real Notre Dame in incredible detail.


I believe that only by building this with our own hands: Notre Dame de Paris Gothic Architecture MOC, can we truly appreciate the pricelessness of art and the awe of faith. We wouldn't let it disappear from the world in the past, and we won't let it disappear from the world now. After the fire, many designers, artists, writers, etc., like godbricks, protected it in their own way. Notre Dame de Paris represents half of France's history.

The size of this MOC is: 57 x 46 x 22 cm. What impressed me most was his true restoration of details, such as the stained glass windows, the sculptures above the door openings, the exaggerated majesty and richness of the Gothic style, and the The spire leading to the heaven, such a huge project with so many details, I can really feel the care godbricks put into building this MOC, completely replicating the original version, so that it will be protected by us forever.


If you also want to record in a certain way or like to build MOC, I believe he will satisfy you. They have professional services and the most professional production. Everything they do is great! I highly recommend this treasure store to everyone. They will always try their best and keep us updated with all our needs and ideas.

Here I found some of godbricks own ideas. Here I not only learned about the construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral MOC, but also learned about other meaningful designs and constructions as well as some great gifts for family and friends.




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